College Recruiting

In Bowman’s Intern Experience Program, our primary goals are to put your skills and training to work immediately and to help you create a path that leads you to continuous development and success.


Previous participants have said the following about their experiences:

“I was introduced to everyone on my first day and immediately given tasks. Throwing me right into things was unexpected from previous internships but made me feel comfortable quickly.”

“This internship allowed me to apply my knowledge in a concrete way, and not only gave me a better understanding of the work I’ve been doing in school, but also a greater appreciation for engineering as a whole.”

“By the end of the summer, I was not only making worthwhile contributions but was also being treated worker, not just an intern.”

“I learned an exceptional amount in the summer internship I had with Bowman. Unlike many other internship programs, I had the opportunity to work collaboratively with the marketing team and the firm’s subject matter experts to develop and update marketing material (Print & Digital). This interaction with experienced professionals allowed me to gain specialized knowledge of how a company works at the senior level. I gained experience aiding in the firm’s social media activities, measuring and analyzing marketing activities with a focus on improving marketing ROI and also in the implementation of industry trade show participation. I participated in weekly meetings and was consistently challenged to improve and enhance whatever project I was working on. In the summer I worked there, I didn’t feel like an intern, but an actual full-time employee, gaining real world experience that I still use today.”

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